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    PE Nation,

    I need your help! I changed the title and subtitle of my book to accurately reflect the content and purpose in a more clear manner. The problem: I lost all my reviews. Please consider purchasing a copy of the soft cover ($9.99) or Ebook ($2.99) and leave a review that helps get the word out. As a thank you, send me a screenshot of your receipt and I'll send you, as a bonus, both of my courses if you purchase the soft cover and one of the courses if you purchase the Ebook. The courses are: "PE by Design" (Value: $24.99) and my "Sport Education Course" (value $19.00). You rock!


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    Large Group Design Course!

    This course is a must for newer physed teachers!

    Special edition with bonus PDFs: https://gum.co/program

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    Designing a Sport Education Unit

    A step by step 4-video series to create a masterpiece in your PE program!


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